• Arch. Vladimir Mindru

    PROJECT: The Smart Pub
    Founder YELLOW OFFICE, Romania

    In 2007, Vladimir Mindru founded YELLOW OFFICE studio, an interior design creative hub. Each of his products eventually becomes an experiment, a combination between art, technology and architecture.

    From the various projects of the studio, the field of restaurants and bars design is represented the best. From minor scale projects (small coffee shops or brasseries), to big capacity restaurants, YELLOW OFFICE creates innovation on the interior design market. The story of each project translates in light, textures and sensations, atypical experiences within the created space. In the GIS Conference, you will see two of their latest projects.

    The Smart Pub is an eclectic combination: the building was initially built to host a typical Romanian inn, but it became a European gourmet restaurant. The rustic visible structural elements are sometimes valued, other times cancelled by the new design elements.

    The Lodge is a long and narrow space, a versatile bar & restaurant. The typical American geometry was the starting point for its concept. The lighting only comes from the short side and the entire place is based on the games of light, shadows and semi-darkness.