• Arch. Stefan Alberto BIANCO

    Guest Speaker, Prographic architecture studio

    Arch. Stefan Alberto BIANCO

    Guest Speaker, Prographic architecture studio



    Founder of Prographic architecture studio, Romania


    “Office design – workspace identity”
    Office design – BNP Paribas Cardif

    The concept for BNPP Cardif’s offices was inspired by the fortunate location of the Ethos House building. Suspended between the glossy lakes and the sky, the 7th floor has a beautiful panoramic view of the North skyline and it’s surrounding parks, which subtly demands that the work environment be designed as an extension of the landscape.

    The chromatic dynamics contribute to the refreshing effect lent by the vegetation, while the furniture, both office and urban style, offer a humane dimension to the work areas.

    The client’s brief was to create a warm and welcoming environment, reflective of the company’s values, which would enhance creativity and collaboration between peers. For this purpose we chose to emphasize the contrast between several materials and their different states of processing, ranging from real vegetation and burnished wood to the more elaborate glass and metal partitions, searching for harmony in diversity.

    Transparency, as a recurrent theme in the project, is combined with technology in order to create comfortable and practical spaces. The boardroom is separated from the reception and waiting area by a glass partition with smart darkening properties, which offers the required privacy during confidential meetings, while allowing an uninterrupted view of the panorama from the waiting area in the rest of the time, thus including the boardroom in the main welcome space.


    Insign Awards 2014 – 3rd Prize Horeca/ Public Spaces 2014
    Annual of Architecture Bucharest 2014 – Nomination for Interior Design Teamnet Offices
    Annual of Architecture Dobrudja 2013 – Nomination for Interior Design Colliers Offices


    With over 15 years of experience, Prographic Architecture Studio provides full service architectural work, for projects, both large and small. Our portfolio ranges from, office buildings, private residences, retail centers, medical centers and hospitality to public areas like restaurants, bars & cafes and our clients include private investors, project-developers and private companies.

    The firm’s principal, Stefan Bianco, has a strong background as project architect, responsible for design development, client relations, and supervision on highly visible projects. With experience in custom commercial, residential, and public building types, Prographic Architecture Studio offers a balanced design approach that respects project economics, functional use of space, and flexibility for future needs.


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    23 Mar 2016