Keynote Speaker, Metropolis, Romania


    Keynote Speaker, Metropolis, Romania



    Leader Architect, Metropolis, Romania


    „Urban Design – Port Antibes”


    Dragos epure is the founder and the leading architect of metropolis, an architectural studio with a multi-disciplinary structure . He studied architecture at the technical university of karlsruhe and at the technical university of iasi. After completing his studies in architecture, he graduated with a master’s degree from the academy for film and television in munich. Having a degree in production design, he held various internships in germany, in the field of media design and architectural building.
    The multi-disciplinary character of the office dragos founded upon returning to romania is reflected through a significant number of awards, exhibitions and a wide range of clients in architecture, product design, visual communication and art installation. The drive that fuels the thinking at metropolis is to touch every aspect related to effective design impact and profitability of any business involved. Through his work, dragos always looks to arouse emotions by creating digital, participatory and innovative spaces with immaterial elements of space, light, transparency, vibrating textures and colors.
    Metropolis is a creative studio that merges architecture, production-design, digital and high-tech tools to develop complex and innovative projects. Our goal is to impact the profitability of any business involved through effective design and a true understanding of the client’s needs and context. Metropolis has evolved from a exclusively architectural studio, into a full-fledged brand development office. Through our work we want to arouse emotions by creating digital, praticipatory and innovative spaces. Light, transparency, vibrating textures and colours are important immaterial elements that interact with the form of space and aren’t just a function of it. We include and play with all of them in our work. The results are best judged by the complete satisfaction and success of our clients.


    2011 Bienala de arhitectura Iasi premiul I sectiunea “Design Interior si Exterior” proiectul “Boutique du pain Bucharest”
    2013 Anuala de arhitectura premiul I la sectiunea locuinte unifamiliale cu proiectul – “Casa Giorgiana Bostan”
    2013 Anuala de arhitectura premiul I sectiunea design Interior proiectul Union Jack
    2013 Anuala de arhitectura nominalizat la sectiunea Interior design cu proiectul Moo Café
    2013 Anuala de arhitectura -Premiul Brickstone
    2016 Award of Merit Gis Design Awards, Hotels and Restaurants
    2016 Contest First Award Urban design Cavalaire sur Mer


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    Urban Design – Port Antibes

    22 Mar 2017
    15:00 - 15:15
    Grand ABCD