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    GIS 2017



    Forthcoming events at SHARE Bucharest 2017 Forum
    Events on 21st of March

    SHARE Bucharest Official Opening Architecture Plenary ǀ JW Marriott Hotel, Room Grand BCD

    Will have as honorary guests a series of great personalities from the field: Professor Kathryn Moore – President IFLA from Belgium, Eng. John FIELD – President CIBSE from UK, Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ – President of the Order of the Architects of Romania (OAR), Arch. Raul Roque FIGUEIREDO from Portugal, Arch. Frits van DONGEN from The Netherlands, Arch. Ian Simpson from UK, arch. Anouk LEGENDRE from France.
    IGLOO Talks – Architecture Debate ǀ March, 21st ǀ JW Marriott Hotel, Room Braila

    Invited speakers:
    • Arch. Raul Roque Figueiredo – Pitagoras Group, Portugal
    • Arch. Frits van DONGEN, van Dongen – Koschuch, The Netherlands
    • Arch. Serban Tiganas – President of Order of Arhitects from Romania
    • Arch. Anouk Legendre – Partner – XTU Architects, France
    • Arch. Ian Simpson – Simpson Haugh and Partner, UK
    Hosted by Arch. Bruno ANDRESOIU, IGLOO, Romania.

    Inspirational Conference for students
    SHARE junior session at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism ǀ March, 21st
    Arch. Sheila Sri Prakash, founder of Shilpa Architects Planners Designers ǀ India.

    Inspirational Conference for students
    SHARE junior session at Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest ǀ March, 21st
    Eng. John FIELD – President of Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) ǀ UK

    Events on 22nd of March

    Glass in architecture – Romania – Ukraine international debate ǀ March 22nd, JW Marriott Hotel, Room Grand BC

    A bilateral session, which will have as invited country – Ukraine, will be given by 5 of the greatest architects from Ukraine and Romania. Great architects will transfer their own know- how with the auditorium which will foster a common understanding of the concepts and aims of their architectural view.
    Proudly sponsored by Saint-Gobain Glass. Saint-Gobain is the official partner of SHARE Bucharest Forum.
    Romanian Building Awards 2017 “RBA” – the national launch of the awards 2017 ǀ
    March 22nd, JW Marriott Hotel, Room Grand ABCD

    Organized by OAR, PRO Event together with IGLOO & Spatiulconstruit.ro

    Romanian Building Awards aims to bring a higher level of collaboration between Project creators, industry representatives and beneficiaries. These awards highlight the creative trio architect- builder-beneficiary and assess the social, cultural, economic impact of projects on quality of life, in addition to aesthetic and technical criteria. rba.share-architects.com
    The national launch of the RBA competition will take place on 22nd of March, within the Official plenary session architecture & construction and will have as invited guest the President of RBA Board – Arch. Serban TIGANAS – the President of Order of Architects of Romania.

    Inspirational Conference for students
    SHARE junior session at University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest
    March, 22nd
    Professor Kathryn Moore – President of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) ǀ Belgium.

    SHARE Special guest inspirational conference – “one of the 50 most influential names in Architecture” (Architectural Digest) ǀ March 22nd

    Arch. Sheila Sri Prakash, founder of Shilpa Architects Planners Designers ǀ India


    SHARE is where the architecture community comes together to share ideas and inspiration, learn and celebrate excellence in architecture.

    SHARE events bring together principals and senior architects from leading practices to discuss and gain inspiration from each other. The conferences offer the opportunity to meet great minds in the global architectural community through our talks program.

    The lectures are concentrated on present and future, innovation in architecture and engineering, on explorations on new materials and technologies for designing a smart and sustainable built environment.

    Large-scale projects are presented from different perspectives, by architects and contractors.

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    GIS International Interior Architecture and Design Conference as part of SHARE FORUM

    GIS brings up for debate the role of architecture and interior design in improving the quality of life and the way in which this can influence social and cultural environments and also learning and working environments. The conference is chaired by arch. Șerban Țigănaș the President of the Romanian Order of Architects.



    Visionary architects and companies present some of the world’s best buildings, innovative materials, revolutionary technologies and systems;


    Representatives on the stand have got extensive technical knowledge and are able to provide visitors with the ideal solution for their specific case.


    SHARE FORUM acts as an effective platform for inspiration and exchange of ideas and transfer of know-how. The conferences offer the opportunity to meet great minds in the global architectural community through our talks program.


    Architects, interior designers, engineers and other specifiers will be invited through a customised and exclusive registration system. All participants will be offered the exclusive opportunity to engage in pre-arranged, private business meetings with selected organisations of their choice.


    SHARE is a time-efficient event where you get to meet an exclusive audience over a period of just two days.


    A uniform all-in concept of exhibiting ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

    GIS gathers, in Bucharest, architects and interior designers from Turkey, India, Danmark, Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Romania, winners of the most recent editions of international competitions, together with 250 architects from all the OAR branches in the country who will participate at the conference, selected on the basis of their work portfolio from the past 3 years

    Useful information about 2017 edition:

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    The testimonials of the guests of GIS past editions can be read here.

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    ARCH. Șerban Țigănaș

    President the Order of Architects of Romania, Chairman GIS Bucharest 2016 conference

    Interior architecture was divided in thematics and main ingredients , discussed in different instances. The joys and the dangers that the built environment has to offer were also present. There were discussions and debates about fire safety, the air quality from the interior of constructions, about light and illumination, sound ambiance, matter and materials, systems, objects and setup. I have found that the great masters are still among us, that the lessons of Alvar Aalto and Louis Kahn are carried on by Rainer Mahlamaki or by Colin Ball. At the end of the conference, I believe we all felt that interior architecture is the closest to people and the most subjected to their own aspirations. The invitated speakers, who brought their contribution, have demostrated that behing the high quality works stand remarkable people.

    The two days of the conference and the collateral events have put all those of us who participated in the situation of opting to listen or meet the speakers, friends and invitees. We can’t be in more places at once, even if we would like to. Interior architecture was divided în thematics and main ingredients , discussed in different instances. The joys and the dangers that the built environment has to offer were also present. There were discussions and debates about fire safety, the air quality from the interior of constructions, about light and illumination, sound ambiance, matter and materials, systems, objects and setup. What I think is the result of the overlap of ideas brought by the speakers, moderators and panelists, is the fact that interior architecture cannot be separated from architecture, which it meets and is part of. Interior architetcure is never by itself. I have found that the great masters are still among us, that the lessons of Alvar Aalto and Louis Kahn are carried on by Rainer Mahlamaki or by Colin Ball. I have admired haptic architecture, made to be touched.

    I have found that a hospital has to be hospitable, meaning patient-oriented not only from a medical act approache perspective, but especially from the mood that he is experiencing . I have found out that the offices of big IT firms are made for people, as well as for their friends, their pets. Continuing the famous quotes on shape, form follows function, form follows force, I have found out that light follows furniture, a plead for flexibility in places destined for people. We have talked about standards of contruction, extremely necessary, but unfortunately always outran by what is supposed to be the conception of architecture, and that is a sythesis that starts from and comes back to its final building purpose, which is the people and their unstandardized aspirations. Technology is the means and not the purpose itself, and the necessity of using it should be an option, always doubled by others ways of getting things to work. There was also and exposition and distictions for interior architecture, at its first edition, a manifestation, which I am sure, will grow. The award of the audience coincided with the award of the jury, which means that the audience , made up of people connected to the field, felt the same way as the members of the international jury, people from all corners of the world. It’s a good sign for the power and relevance of interior architecture.

    At the end of the conference, I believe we all felt that interior architecture is the closest to people and the most subjected to their own aspirations. This means a lot of experimenting, many tries and game, but a serious and responsable one, where there are no limitations or stagnation. The invitated speakers, who brought their contribution, have demostrated that behing the high quality works, stand remarkable people.

    Prof. Rainer Mahlamäki

    Partner Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, Special Guest GIS Bucharest 2016 edition

    First of all I have to say applause once again, few times for the opportunity to be in Romania, at GIS conference. I feel that a conference like this is very important, because the idea is to get together the whole building sector, not only designers, planners, architects, interior architects, but also construction companies, manufacturers and so on. I think this is the way how to really improve our cooperation in the bulding sector, but also that the people who are orientating on more technical issues they can also support our way to take and to approach what means construction and what means architects.

    I hope people and the audience to remember how important is to create environment stabilities for everybody, for all the people, because we are living every day life in this environment. We, architects and constructors, we are responsable for the connection between people and the environment, as this is a part of our life. Very often the people understand that architects are creating only strange buildings or expensive buildings or belive we are focusing on „wow” architecture. I have worked with museums, exhibition buildings a lot and in these collections every time I try to avoid to speak about „wow” architecture because also museums or exhibition buildings they have a special role in our society.


    Vice President the Council of Interior Architects, Founder PUUR interieurarchitecten, Guest of Honour GIS Bucharest 2016 conference

    Thanks for organizing these big successful event. I am really positive about everything, the contacts I made, the organization, the event, the city, everything. I really liked the conference. It was really interesting to see also presentations from the other countries, like Bulgaria for example, but I am really surprised that in Romania there is so much attention for interior architcture, for which I am very enthusiastic.

    I think it is very important to learn more about interior architecture, not only about architecture in Romania, but also in the rest of Europe, that is very good reason why the conference also invited other european guests. You can also learn in this moment, in the break you can share your knowledge, and that is very important.

    That is all about the quality of interior architecture, that is about you designing a space for the user of the space, and that you should always look for other examples, not only focus on your own work but keep looking to others work through.

    Colin Ball

    Lighting Design Director, BDP London
    Light is something that’s very human, it’s not engineered”

    I thought Romania was very engaged with lighting and there was a real sense of near urgency almost, like ‘how do we get you here?’ and it was surprisingly different to Poland actually. There was a real welcoming and embracing of the ideas, here.

    I think it’s important for architects to attend these conferences because there’s all of this contribution into architecture from all of these different disciplines. A lot of what we have in London and in America is that you get lots of specialists that can help you and advise the architect as to how to do things and it seems to be that there aren’t those specialisms or experts to hand here. There might be at a University, where you get a professor to help you with this, but a professor can give you the best technical solution but do they understand the building market, contractors, how to get a building built? I would like the audience to remember from my presentation that light is something that’s very human, it’s not engineered.

    Arh. Nicholas Galabov

    Vice President Chamber of architects in Bulgaria

    I really loved GIS. Any forum in general on architecture on interior design is nice but I am surprised on what I found here: very good organization, so many young people, not necessary by age but as spirit. I see a desire for creating, organizing the spance, organizing the livable spaces in a different way, basically more open to the world, to the future. The presentations I have seen were amazing, I’ve seen also very nice competition, „GIS Design Awards”, with very good pictures, which is very good for Romania and for the future. Absolutely, it is very important for architects to gather and to exchange ideas, this way people raise the level.

    What I tried to show in my presentation is that the world is changing, in December 2015 there was a treaty signed by 195 countries, on the climate. Basically, the way we build our enviromnment in the last decades is not suistainable, promoting the low price architecture and low cost design it is not the best. You can create beautiful buildings on the budget, but still the budget shoud not decide how we build out environment, our community. So it is good news, basically there was a traty signed that 100 billion $ every year will be spent on project which are improving the climate, which means a lot of work for us, because architects are responsaible in a way for building the environment. I really wanted to make two big points in my presentation: low carbon awarness and awarness of nature and that the way to answer the problem with the climate is to go for the future through the past. We should not forget our traditions, our past. I like modern design but i love it when the modern design is based on the traditions.

    Arch. Rosa Clotet

    Llongueras Clotet Architects, Spain

    GIS is a great event, it is very well organized, it had so many different specialized architecture and I liked it very much because you can get deeper into the different European problematics. It is important for architects to be together, apart from sharing different knowledge, you understand different ways to work in different countries. And as with the globalization, you need to do that because you can work everywhere, you need to know different ways of projecting, different ways of understanding the problematic of the cities and of different countries, this is very useful for us.

    I would like people to remember that now we are speaking about humanization in the hospitals, i would like them to remember the different way we project this kind of hospitals, a new way more friendly, more confortable, more near, more close to children.

    Arch. Tachapol Danaboonchai

    Kypothesis Design Agency, Thailand, Keynote Speaker GIS Bucharest 2016 edition, Winner INSIDE World Festival of Interiors – Bars & Restaurants

    I think GIS Bucharest event was very nice, I really like when many disciplines come together, that architects and contractors meet, this allows to widen our perspective on how we see things.

    I feel that as architects we live in our a super small world, we don’t even know each other but what we don’t know is what others are doing. I would like people to remember not the esthetic part of our project, because right now it is really hard to distinguish which project is more beautiful that the other, but the way how we had thought the project that won the Inside Festival of Interiors in Restaurants category.

    Florin Enache

    Architect, Member the National Council of the Order of the Architects of Romania, Coordinator Working group – “Fire Safety”


    The debate and the fire safety session were very important, even though the interest for this field always rises after a tragedy. It was a first step where a considerable number of specialists in the field responded to the invitation, some of them even having presentations. It is a good beginning for restarting a field which, unfortunately, is a bit behind.

    The need to gather with clear subjects and coordonates, is something that I find incredibly good, and the more delicate and current the subjects, the more attractive they will be. What I would like is to find a formula through which we can convince ,to be present among us, authority representatives and the representatives from all areas, education, professionalists, the local and central authority area.

    I think the most important thing is the need to make the common citizens to the ministry more responsible. There are many sensitive subjects from the fire safety area which , unfortunately, keep being discussed and repeated in official circles and is various associations, but we still cannot succeed in having a better representation when it comes to the relation with the authorities so as the severity of the aspects regarding people’s safety be understood. By giving it more practical importance maybe we can succeed in creating multidisciplinary teams from the professional organisations to the ministries, so that the field can somehow restart, considering the reality.

    Arch. Carlo Berarducci

    Founder, Berarducci Architecture, Italy


    It is a very good idea to bring at this conferences international architects from all over the world and let Romanian architects share their ideas and confront themselves with architects from all over the world. For us to is interesting to know the Romanian reality.

    It is important to gather and to share opinions and projects and dreams, to meet eachother and to become friends. I would like to say that architecture, interior design and even furniture design, in my opinion, it is a unique field of interest and of practice. I like to design small scales projects from furniture to big scales of architecture. I think the way you can think about interior design could be the same about thinking about architecture of big scale projects.

    Stan Boshouwers

    Founding partner, Tinker Imagineers, The Netherlands


    I think GIS is very interesting, I especially liked the fact that it had a special section about hospitality design that was very appealing to me because I am active in that sector. It is good to have a meeting point.

    Michael Setter

    Founder Setter Architects Ltd., Israel


    I think GIS is a very nice conference, there are very nice ideas that people can share with each other, it is a very important thing to be able to do that. I believe that from country to country there are differences that must he shown. I can say in our country the high-tech companies today are in their highest level than they’ve exer been since existing. I think ideas and designing ideas can be influenced from country to country and from architect to architect.

    Fritz Kukula

    Manager for Promat fire protective boards, Member of the Austrian Standardization Institute


    The conference looks very good, I’m astonished, very posivite. It’s always good to bring architects and contractors to a conference, normally no architects would join my presentation.

    Dorte Kristensen

    Architect director, Atelier Pro, The Netherlands


    I think GIS conference has been very interesting. You see other approaches and you learn, you see other ways of thinking and that’s good, that’s healthy. I would like the audience to remember from my presentation the importance of public space and daylight.

    Rainer Mahlamäki

    Professor, Architect M.Sc., Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki, Special Guest GIS Bucharest 2016 edition

    I have a great pleasure to meet my dear Romanian colleagues. For me this it is the very first time to be in Bucharest. My speech will cover architecture generally but especially interiors and how traditional and touchable materials create the atmosphere. I come from Finland, from a northern country that is known of its reputation of Alvar Aalto, of Nordic functionalism and of pure, mythic nature. I will concentrate especially on the buildings and interiors which are dominated by materials like the Finnish Nature Centre, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Finnish Nature Centre and the Embassy of Finland to Japan among the others. I hope my message will reach my listener to think how much we architects could still learn about the tradition of natural materials – and more widely: understanding and honoring of the tradition creates the base for the creative and innovative architecture.

    Jan Geysen, Vice President

    ECIA – European Council of Interior Architects, Belgium, Guest of Honour GIS Bucharest 2016 edition

    At GIS Bucharest 2016 edition I will talk about my experience and belief in the existence of ECIA, by looking back in the past and looking forward into the future of ECIA. My presence at GIS with this lecture is part of the search of ECIA to get a better connection with Eastern Europe. ECIA is a European platform to reprezent and promote the qualified promotion of interior architects and designers. ECIA currently represent 16 members- național organizations, with over 7.500 practicing Interior Architects.

    Neil Knowles

    Director Elektra Lighting® Design, London

    We are delighted to be part of the influential and informational GIS conference in Bucharest. We are lighting design specialists and are sharing our expertise, gained the hard way on over 600 projects, with the professional design community of Romania. Although we have not yet worked in Romania, we are looking forward to developing new links and networking at this top event.

    Arch. Cédric Ramière

    Partner associate Coco Architecture, France

    I am for the very first time in Romania and I am happy to give a lecture at GIS Bucharest. CoCo architecture imagines new methods of practicing architecture through ambitious and varied projects both in scale and complexity. We aim to be a catalyst for social change, putting environmental and lifestyle values at the heart of human endeavor. To achieve this, the CoCo architecture team focuses on thoughtful architecture which respects nature and energy consumption, and reflects local thinking and traditional attitudes as well as modern approaches. Our office today has experience in a variety of areas: teaching, housing, logistics and commerce, cultural and medical institutes, and operates in France as well as other regions around the world, most notably in many tropical areas.

    Arch. Hagy Belzberg Faia

    Principal Hagy Belzberg Architects, U.S., Special Guest GIS International Expo Conference 2015

    The series of GIS events was extraordinary, with an incredible number of very very interesting people, architects, interior designers. The event has allowed me to meet new people and has offered me the opportunity to meet people that I normally wouldn’t have had the chance to meet and network with, this is what I think it is really important. In Los Angeles we have a really rare opportunity to do this and as it is so far away, allowing me to come to this was absolutely extraordinary, this is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without the organization of PRO Event Association, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest. I found the event to be fantastic and since my return to Los Angeles I have been telling everybody about it and I really recommend to other architects from the United States of America to participate in the future events you will be organizing.

    Arch. Fokke Moerel

    Project Manager MVRDV, The Netherlands, Keynote Speaker GIS International Expo Conference 2015

    It is always great when a lot of people from different countries meet, GIS gave us the great opportunity to have inside-outside debates & presentations. It is always nice to meet people and I am glad I have participated at this expo conference.

    Arch. Zeynep Esra Akten

    Design Coordinator at AUTOBAN, Turkey, Speaker GIS International Expo Conference 2015

    It was great that I was part of this great influential and inspirational talks, the most exciting part was that there were designers all over the world and what was really nice is that, whatever the country was they were coming from, they all came to a single conclusion. I once more came to the idea that design is an international language and I am very hopeful about the future now.

    Prof. Dr. Arh. Marius Marcu Lapadat

    Dean, Faculty of Interior Architecture, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest

    GIS is absolutely one of the most important expo conference in Romania for the branch of architects, through the quality of the speakers and having in consideration the environment in which the event takes place. It is a great opportunity to make new contacts, to share ideas, to have contact with personalities that are to the top of the pyramid of success, at present, in the world architecture.

    Arch. Diogo Aguiar

    Founder LIKE Architects, Portugal

    It was very stimulating to engage with other architects and to learn what they have been doing, I think this type of events enhance possible future collaborations between the different studios, generating global multifunctional teams.

    Arch. Cristian Santandreu Utermark

    Founder Architect at A2arquitectos, Spain

    This event is a fantastic experience beause it’s a very good congress to meet a lot of people, a lot of architects, interior designers and connect entreprises. It is fantastic to know that the point of architecture is here in Romania and in a lot of countries.

    Arch. Antonio Virga

    Founder Antonio Virga Architecte, France

    It’s the first time when I’m invited to a conference and it is very interesting for me to talk about my projects, outside of my country, that is France. I don’t know if exists the same type of conference in France so it is very interesting to meet people from other countries and talk about our passion and that is architecture.

    Arch. Ian Macready

    Founding director VW+BS, London, Great Britain

    It’s bean great to be here, in Bucharest, It’s a hole new crowd for us, we’ve never done any work in Romania and it’s good to meet different architects, and of course then it’s great to meet with other European colleagues and from USA, who’ve been here as well and to exchange opinions and views with them.

    Colin Lovering

    Commercial Director, COS

    I think it’s very important that we were able to gather a lot of talented young architects here in one place, because if you look to the future, they are the future. Architecture is changing quite dramatically so to speak to somebody who’s an architect from 20 year ago to an architect from today is two completely concepts and ideas. So for me that’s one of the main reasons for wanting to be here today is to touch base with those young people.

    Arch. Francesco Isidori

    Founder Labics, Italy

    I think it’s quite interesting. I’ve participate to good discussions and I really look forward to see the other presentations. Again, I think it’s very interesting and well organized.

    Arch. Monica Lotreanu

    editor-in-chief for the magazine “Arhitectura”, Romania

    As usual, it was a well-organized event, with a high number of participants, and for these days to gather such a high number of architects it’s not easy at all. I have participated as the editor-in-chief at the Arhitectura magazine, which was the main media partner of the event and we are especially honored of this partnership. We are thrilled that our new number, the first magazine of 2015 has being released at GIS. It is the first time anyone can see it.
    I am really impressed with the presentations that were in the program, especially with Hagy Belzberg’s presentation and Master Class, and, as usual Serban Sturdza’s presentation was a real source of inspiration for me, well visually presented and with very deep meanings.

    Bogdan Bălan


    Despite of the bad weather, the event succeeded in engaging the audience and as well, we, Saint-Goban Rigips, were happy to collaborate with the invited architects.

    Eng. Veronica Sterian

    Managing Coordinator of the Technical Department for Refrigeration Design, DAAS International Group, Romania

    We would like to thank you for the invitation and for the support during the organization of the GIS&CONTRACTOR events.
    Not only I enjoyed the organization of the event, but also the guests and the topics discussed.
    As an experienced engineer in the domain of heating and refrigeration, I participated at CONTRACTOR conferences.
    However, I regret not being able to participate also at the architect’s presentations, which were held concomitantly and which topics represented as well an interest for my professional career.

    Demetrius Tanase

    Industrial designer, Electromagnetica, Romania

    I find this event really interesting, a lot of designers are present and I think it is really impressive that this conference promotes also architectural designers. There should be invited even more designers, because we are a common area of expertise, and more product designers as well. From what I have seen, I am the only speaker who is a product designer, there aren’t others, and this as a sponsor to promote electromagnetics. I would like all the artists from this area (architects, interior designers, even product designers) to be invited to GIS conference, not only architects. This is for the first time I have attended this conference, because last year, a colleague of mine participated.

    Arch. Andrei Lefter

    Lef Proiect, Romania

    It’s an auspicious event, a very important event for architects, a way of acknowledging the nowadays market, but also the projects and the complexity this job has to offer.

    Eng. Alexandra Stoica

    Executive Director, DAS ENGINEERING GRUP, Romania

    I would like to thank Abplus Events for the way they organized this conference. I had the pleasure and joy to discover that we develop from year to year. Besides the practical presentation of installations, this year we could also see presentations on the certification of green systems, innovative solutions from equipment suppliers, innovative Daikin solutions for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, beautiful projects as Enzo Ferrari.
    Overall I must say that I have the confidence that we grow from year to year, which is pleasing and appropriate for this type of conferences.

    Arch. Marius Miclaus

    ARCHAEUS, Romania

    First of all, I am pleasant surprised of the organization, the event is well prepared. I consider this conference a success even from the first day due to the netting of architectural and ambiental presentations, interior design and sponsors’ presentations. I believe that this type of partnership can work.

    Arch. Andrada Bucur

    AB Creative Studio, Brasov, Romania

    First of all, thank you for the invitation. In my view, the event was well thought out and put together, all the architects were accurately grateful and I think it is an important chance to make relationships between other people from this area.

    Dr. Eng. Catalin Popovici

    General Manager, CLIMA THERM CENTER, Romania

    As usual, first of all, congratulations! In one’s capacity as a resident of Iasi, I am proud that someone from my city was able to gather the whole country in the same place and I am looking forward to the whole Europe.
    It is a moment when we find high-quality presentations of solutions, of installations, what we know to do best. And as my colleagues say: „We learn. We innovate. We practice”, because ultimately this is the purpose of these meetings; to signify our opinions, to embrace new solutions and ideas.
    I will always be present here, with pleasure, and I hope with professionalism, so we can all have a saying in this whole assembly.

    Arch. Vladimir Mândru

    Founder of YELLOW OFFICE, Romania

    It was a really good event, with a lot of interesting people and high-quality conferences. I hope we will meet again next year.

    Arch. Adrian Cancer

    Founder of Square One Studio, Romania

    I am honored to participate at this conference. It is really impressive and well organized. Until now, I’ve heard interesting facts and I am looking forward to seeing what the other speakers have to say. It’s extraordinary and I wish there would be more events like this for us to have the chance to meet more often.

    Engr. Dan Costea

    Technical advisor in the Windows Solution Department –Rehau Polymer, Romania

    First of all, we thank you for the organization and I consider this event beneficial. I represent the firms in the domain of windows, door, PVC profiles and I believe it’s a chance for us to crisscross with architects, designers, whom I believe we all need in the area of constructions. Otherwise, I can only wish you good luck and revival of the construction industry.