• Dragos ANTONACHE

    General Manager, Cameleonia
    Initiator of the project CAMELEONIA

    Initiator of the project WWW.CAMELEONIA.RO

    • proposes to the architects the decorative solutions of handpainted and handmade tiles made by artisans in Spain;
    • exclusive importer in Romania of the companies ARTELUX, CERAMICAS KERAMIK, LA CERAMICA VALENCIANA, CERAMICAS CUELLAR;
    • online shop with over 100 models of decorations from handpainted tiles and other personalized solutions.


    • company specialized in assisting Spanish companies to expand their business to Romania;
    • partner of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Small and Medium Size Enterprises from Catalunya;
    • commercial agent in Romania for top Spanish producers in the field of sanitary installations.


    Cameleonia is an idea developed by Sogardi Consulting, a company with more than 12 years of expertise in building business relations between Romania and Spain.

    This project emerged from the desire to add color and optimism to our lives.

    Like a cameleon finds a color for every situation, so that he perfectly fits into the landscape, we want to offer products for any style of living, age or preferences of home decorations.

    Cameleonia is a land of colors, where those that will take time to explore it will live unforgetable experiences.
    We commit ourselves to surprise you with products for decorations and lifestyle that, by design and quality, will bring the unique element that identifies and represents us.

    We started by presenting the magic of hand painted tiles by Spanish artisans, that use technics and production processes 500 years old, with an astonishing decorative value. These decorative tiles, accompanied by certification of authenticity and signed by the workshop that created them, are conceived for those that appreciate and respect the human being and what can result from his hands.

    Starting from the ability of the Spanish workshops to make tiles by hand, it can be created from zero, together with the architect, an interior design according to his vision.

    By installing these products like any tiles, or like a painting hanged on the wall in any room of the house, at the office or in a public space like a restaurant or a swimming pool, we will become actors in Cameleonia, this dreamland of colors, and will write together this story.