• Arch. Dragos EPURE

    PROJECT: Music Pub
    Founder, Creative director of Metropolis

    Dragos Epure is the founder and the creative director of Metropolis, an architectural studio with a multi-disciplinary structure . He studied architecture at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and at the Technical University of Iasi. After completing his studies in architecture, he graduated with a Master’s Degree from The Academy for Film and Television in Munich. Having a degree in Production Design, he held various internships in Germany, in the field of media design and architectural building.

    The multi-disciplinary character of the office Dragos founded upon returning to Romania,is reflected through a significant number of awards, exhibitions and a wide range of clients in Architecture, Product Design, Visual Communication and Art installation. The drive that fuels the thinking at Metropolis is to touch every aspect related to effective design impact and profitability of any business involved. Through his work, Dragos always looks to arouse emotions by creating digital, participatory and innovative spaces with immaterial elements of space, light, transparency, vibrating textures and colors.

    Honeycomb House/Bacau

    A multifunctional house that merges the functions of living, entertaining(hobby) and wellness(spa). The Spa plays an important role in the client’s wish to transform his way of living. The idea of a green life is translated through the architect’s vision, into a passive house and an active and healthy way of life.

    Music Pub/ Sibiu

    The design of the pub aims to preserve the medieval atmosphere of the building where it’s located. Old candle chandeliers and metal elements contrast with a touch of contemporary design. The textures and lighting convey a time traveling feeling that sends you back to the middle-ages, tricking you into thinking that you brought a little of the present with you.