• arch. Adrian CANCER-ZEANA

    PROJECT: Cărturești Carusel
    Founder of Square One Studio

    Since 2001, the year Square One was established as an architectural practice, almost all of their projects, in line with the international tendencies, have caused violent reactions from fellow architects and the audience alike, offering Adrian Cancer and Robert Marin a privileged status. They set out to create strong, provocative spaces, capable of inducing lasting feelings and emotions. And they succeeded.

    Carturesti Carusel A historical building with an impressive destiny that shelters the six-floor bookshop, unfolded on a 1,000 square-meter area. Carturesti Carusel is also hosting a bistro at the upper story, a multimedia area at the basement and a gallery dedicated to contemporary art located at the first floor.
    At present, the bookshop is offering 10,000 volumes, but their number is expected to rise. The readers will also find 5,000 albums and films in the basement multimedia area.
    The story of the building is not less impressive than its actual look. It was built in 1880 and it served as the headquarters of Chrissoveloni bank until 1945, when the communists nationalized the house. During the communist period it served as a store, Familia Store.

    The architect Adrian Cancer who dealt with the revamping works said that nothing was bought, everything was manufactured in ‘a 100 percent Romanian workmanship’.
    Carturesti functions as a bookshop and as a cultural agent at the same time. The first Carturesti bookshop was launched end of 2000. At present, Carturesti network is counting 16 concept-bookshops, in Bucharest and several other Romanian cities.