• Arch. Ștefan LAZĂR

    Guest Speaker, Ezzo Desig

    Arch. Ștefan LAZĂR

    Guest Speaker, Ezzo Desig



    Creative Director Ezzo Desig


    „Eclectico Apartment”

    Eclectico Apartment is designed through a different set of rules, with a different kind of energy, vibrating through its colours and specially designed objects. It has 120 square meters, in a new apartment building, but the main characteristics are: its retro light, the nostalgic photographs which introduces the visitor into an eclectic scenario.
    Most of the designed objects are custom made in Timisoara, Romania and that is on the one hand meant to offer a different kind of energy to its owners and on the other hand it also provides an interesting perspective, avoiding thus the mix&match from the outlets. Most of the pieces have been redesigned or modified and another reason for that is due to the fact that we love to cooperate with art studios and artists plus this way we will also remain with the hope that we can contribute a bit to keep the crafts alive as long as possible (you can see for example the couch, the tables, the vintage pendant, etc). The strained-glass niches are meant to separate the living room from the library and the wooden framed picture made of birch trees are designed to offer a more artistic scenario to the room.
    We can easily claim that the most difficult operation and also the one that has been definitely a challenge in this project was actually the framing of the central heating boiler into the IKEA furniture which has been repainted. Nonetheless we havenít made any proposal for pieces and objects for this project until we were absolutely sure that they can also be designed by the artists. This choice of ours is also due to the fact that we can control the final result of the project and its implementation according to the initial project and also the estimated time for it (we have chosen to repaint even the radiators and the fridge in an automobile painting service, the bathroom copper sink is made by a gypsy family: their work has been carried out with generations).
    The bottom line is that basically we choose to discuss our proposals with our clients, but the design, the attention for details, the signature must belong to the designer and that is due to creativity when it comes to shapes, colours, volumes, because design in general is not about coordinating pieces you already have or you can find and put them together into an agreed aesthetic.


    2012 – InSign Awards – Young Talents – Sectiunea Spatii publice – locul 2
    2012 – InSign Awards – Seniori – Sectiunea Horeca – Locul 1
    2013 – InSign Awards – Seniori – Sectiunea Casa – Locul 1
    2013 – InSign Awards – Seniori – Sectiunea Horeca/Spatii publice – Locul 3
    2014 – InSign Awards – Seniori – Sectriunea Casa – Locul 2
    2014 – InSign Awards – Premiul cel mare
    2015 – Elle Decorarion Romanian Design Awards – Premiul penntru cea mai buna amenajare