• Arch. Florin Nicolae ENACHE

    Moderator GIS & CONTRACTOR Fire Safety Plenary Session

    Arch. Florin Nicolae ENACHE

    Moderator GIS & CONTRACTOR Fire Safety Plenary Session



    Member the National Council of the Order of the Architects of Romania
    Coordinator Working group – “Fire Safety”


    “Fire Safety”
    Description of the project

    From a professional point of view, the year 2015, was probably the year when I was able to involve the most in my 10 year experience, in group projects, organization and community. In few words, P118/1 – 2015 is “the bible of fire safety” for the design and construction domains. The experience in recent years in this field, the access to several recent large projects and the involvement in OAR, somehow naturally led to the implementation of the visceral need of adaptation of the legislative framework. The public debate on the normative project P118/1-2015 from May, was the generator of the working group of OAR along with whom I effectively participated at a consistent cycle of professional debates, and I had the chance to be an active partner of the elaborator.
    #Colectiv, October 2015, was the fracture of mentality that radically changed the attitude and the approach of the “fire safety” domain, and has brought in forefront a subject that we all know: we cannot build something and ignore the rules and the specialists. We thought we could. A market governed by “the lowest price” and by irresponsibility, leads, in fact, to a higher price that we all have to pay: LIFE.

    The people do not die in the fire because they get in contact with the fire, but the smoke poisoning and the panic are the main factors that influence the behavior of the people that are caught by surprise by a fire, and in this field, there are worldwide studies made, a lot of them in the recent years, because the construction domain becomes more and more complex. It is not easy to educate the public, to train people for a situation that is not experimented at a daily basis, therefore it cannot become a habit, and you cannot create real reflexes to perfectly react in a limited situation. In this context, evacuation drills have became a formality, people do not react to fire alarms any more. What do we do?


    Florin N. Enache is an architect, a graduate of UAUIM 2005 and a member of the National Council OAR.

    2015 – head of the working group OAR – public debateP118/1-2015 “Standard fire safety”
    2015 – contemporary jewelry exhibition concept – AUTHOR
    2015 – WhitePAD, by arch. Florin ENACHE – second place, Romania – Climate Launchpad, “green” projects competition for the diminution of the environmental pollution. The project was qualified in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Climate KIC semifinals.
    2014 – initiation of UAUIM PhD – “Exploitation project, the evaluation criterion of performance”
    2014 – volunteer at “De-a Arhitectura” Association
    2013 – fire protection in constructions, professional conferences UAUIM, UTCB, SIGPROT
    2012 – “for Architects” – practical workshop dedicated to architects – innovations, mistakes on the building site, practical applications.
    2012 – corporate consultant & specifiers – technical, innovative solutions, technical details.



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    22 Mar 2016
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